After you have created your mobile app, you’d expect that people should download it after its launch on the Google play store or Apple store. You want your app to reach your target audience so they can be able to download it.

Many business owners create mobile apps that are in high demand so that it would draw the attention of a lot of people. The way to create a high demand for your mobile app is not only through advertising but also by utilising the power of social media. Millions of people are connected via social media. They use these platforms to not only connect but also keep up to date with the current trends in the globe. Social media is one of the cheapest and most valuable marketing tools in business today.

Other than the popular Facebook, there are so many other social media platforms that you can use to promote your business mobile app. It is always advisable to use as many platforms as possible to reach a large audience. For instance, we have Google+ which is one of the best platforms to promote your mobile app. The benefit of Google+ is that your app can easily come up in organic search results.

Another platform is Twitter where you can get millions of followers to retweet your app to get more people to download it. Instagram has over 75 million subscribers and this makes it a very good place to get millions of people to download your app. People like a lot of freebies and will be willing to download your app if they are going to get discounts or vouchers for using your app. The best thing about using social media to promote your business app is that it is done at little to no cost. It is a whole lot cheaper than advertising in many ways and equally as effective.

Here are a few ways that you can demand so people will want to download your mobile app:


If you want people to know about your mobile app, you can put up content on professional social media platforms like LinkedIn. LinkedIn is not only useful for job seekers but also serves as a great medium for businesses to promote what they are offering to customers.

Video content

Another way to use social media to draw the attention of people to your mobile app is by engaging people with short videos that can tell a lot about how your mobile app will help them. Platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Twitter etc. are just some of the few places you can drop your videos to reach a large number of people. On this platforms, people get like over a million views in a day for their videos.

Word of mouth

This is the idea in the book and still the most effective way of getting information around. A lot of people are comfortable with the idea of trying out things that are referred to them by friends and families they trust. If someone has tried the app they’d definitely share it with others they know. When people try out your app they will want to leave reviews on YouTube channels like the Daily App Show or similar sites like this to let people know that they can download your app.